About Us

Vocal Minority is a family owned business established in 2007 to develop an exclusive range of books, toys, clothing, accessories and gifts for children aged up to 8 years. Living with demanding and critical testers of our own in this age group our aim is to develop a product range which excels in quality, design and value. Only our own products are offered so while we are starting small we hope to steadily grow our range to include a broad range of classic, durable and fun products.

All of our products are fully safety tested for use by children. This includes testing for children under three years old unless an exception has been specifically highlighted in connection with any product.

Vocal Minority aims to provide children with just what they would have asked for themselves.

Through our website we hope to make our products available to loyal customers all around the world.

We are committed to delighting our customers – and their little ones – so if you have any questions or comments then please email us on customerservice@vocalminority.com We promise to read and learn from anything you might have to tell us.